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Authentic, Convenient, Beautiful with unlimited Alpine mineral water on tap!

Simply lovely in winter or summer, overlooking famous Mayrhofen!

Nestled on the hillside above the town of Mayrhofen are a few traditional Austrian homes in the nearby hamlet of Gstan. The river lies less than 100m below you and the town centre half a mile beyond that. You feel immediately "in the mountains" as you hang a right and cross the river, I stepped out of my car to find perfect peace. The sound of the river, the smell of pine & incredible panoramic views. 

Kate the owner, quite the local community leader, has lived there for over 20 years having abandoned the hustle and bustle of the U.K for the peace of her spot of choice. Guests benefit from her enormous experience. 

The apartment is part of a traditional Austrian chalet-home 25m from the road, the grounds contain countless interesting items from traditional farming items, funny carvings & charming figurines. I walked round and round finding something new every time.

When indoors you're greeted with an attractive spiral staircase with the all-important boot warmers waiting to send you out happy in the morning. You climb one flight to the door. The apartment is very attractive, stylish and clean every window delivering incredible views of the surrounding mountains.

The apartment is not plumbed into the main water supply, far from being a disadvantage, your hot and cold water has been pumped up 
from the well sunk beneath the ground. Fresh, clean alpine water straight from the source finds its way into the tap with a modern heating and plumbing system. You couldn't ask for better, in fact the contents of your bath could be bottled and sold!

Why not take a closer look!

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