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Make the most of all the mountain has to offer: alternative alpine experiences

Whether you're a skier or not, a holiday in the mountains has plenty to offer beyond skiing and snowboarding. Chalet Chatelet proves this by providing a completely different luxurious Alpine experience.

It’s easy to become blinkered when planning a trip to the mountains. If it wasn’t our job to bring a whole range of mountain-based holiday options to your attention then the team here at The Summit would be guilty of it too. Year after year it’s either skiing or snowboarding, and often it’s a journey to the same resort. But it’s becoming harder and harder to justify doing this, not only because there’s an increasing number of great skiing and snowboarding propositions on offer, but because fantastic alternatives to a traditional skiing holiday are piling up. 

Typically, when planning a winter holiday in the mountains the questions asked are: how close will I be to the slopes and lifts? How comfortable is the chalet I’m staying in and is it catered or self-catered? Now, however, holiday providers are looking to increase the appeal of a holiday in the mountain and are asking the question: how can holiday-goers enjoy the wider range of attractions the mountains have to offer? This is great news for skiers looking for an unusual alpine experience, as well as non-skiers that want to a holiday in the mountains.

And it’s high time that non-skiers were properly catered for. Traditionally, staying in the mountains has been thought to have health benefits, and a view of the mountains can certainly lighten any dark mood. In addition, there is a whole range of non-skiing activities on offer including spas, snowshoeing, paragliding and sleigh rides. 

Alternative winter holidays can be hard to find, as they occupy a niche part of the holiday market, but one great option is a week of total pampering offered by Chalet Chatelet. The fully catered chalet is based in the Portes du Soleil, and its breathtaking panoramic views of the Vallee de l’Abondance are sure to get you in the mood for a week dedicated to improving your wellbeing. 

The package on offer runs from Sunday to Saturday, is for 4 to 6 guests and includes trips to five different thermal baths, with a range of massages and treatments on offer, as well as access to the rest of the facilities including saunas and thermal pools - the chalet itself even has a therapeutic infrared sauna! Your luxury chalet holiday in Chalet Chatelet (which also impresses us as an eco-chalet) is tailor-made to suit your unique holiday requirements. Each holiday is crafted for you, and so not all groups will visit the same spas, but groups in the past have visited the Evian Thermal Pools near Lake Geneva, and the spa at Val d'Illiez in the Swiss Portes du Soleil. And if all the rest and relaxation becomes too much ('how could it?' you might ask) you can choose from five activities including snowshoeing, downhill skiing and husky sledding, to fill your mornings – or you can do nothing at all!

You can get more information about Chalet Chatelet, and on luxury ski holiday accomodation in general, on ChaletFinder.


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