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When is 4 star better then 5 star? At the Krallerhof!

The Krallerhof - As a winter sports enthusiast you simply must know this place exists! Not least for your summer holiday!

A truly impressive achievement.

I could use ten thousand words to describe the joy of my stay and the ways the Krallerhof has been perfected for the absolute ease and enjoyment of the guest. Instead I intend to  gush with enthusiasm, sharing those features that meant the most to me. I simply hope to inspire you to find out more for yourself.

In my view the Krallerhof provide a fully 5 star act but as a 4 star superiour hotel and at 4 star prices. A modern building with traditional style, situated away from the main roads 850m above sea level, you feel you're approaching an authentic (if rather large but not high) Austrian mountain lodge.

I understand that they were offered 5 star status but turned it down! The owner & manager Gerhard Altenberger ensures his establishments are excellent but inclusive rather than exclusive, families are very welcome, the staff make you feel at home at all times. The price isn't cheap but I've never seen value for money like it.

My favourite touches

- Breakfast - With fresh fruit and vegetable juicers, an incredible selection of quality meats, cheeses, fruits, sweet and sympathetic service for our tired legs and groggy heads. The show-stopper is the egg counter, you simply ask the chef to prepare your eggs exactly as you'd like them and they cook it on the spot just for you. 

- Spa, Pool & Games - No matter who you are, you will find relaxing and enjoying yourself completely effortless. The pool is fantastic with a few little nooks for those who fancy a little relaxed intimacy away from the main pool, the sauna's, steam rooms & spa are first rate.

- The Staff - Having worked in the hotel industry as a student, I understand how difficult it is to provide excellent service at all times from every team member, I believe it comes down to attitude and culture. From the moment you pass the threshold the Krallerhof staff will treat you very well in both word and deed.

The Krallerhof is fantastic as a place to spend the day, when you couple it with what the local area offers a visitor in both Winter & Summer, it's an experience you simply can't ignore. It's worth a mention that you can both work and play at the Krallerhof in perfect measure (I did!), for the professional, the conference facilities are excellent. 

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