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Flachau - Don't book France without a look!

A swift 45mins from Salzburg and you're in heaven!

Throughout the 14 years we've run ChaletFinder we see our users wanting convenience, value for money & a great and diverse range of on piste and off piste activites. These are top on most people's list, but too often I feel we "play it safe" with a familliar (often French) resort.

In Flachau you get the Brits but very few, I met mostly Germans, Austrians, the Dutch & the Swiss. After having the run of the place for a few days I soon realised that if only we knew, we'd be there in droves.

Let's break it down a little:


A quick example: These are airfares Sat-Sat for next week.
Easyjet to Geneva £206 return
Easyjet to Salzburg £150 return

Nuff said!

Now we like resorts like Morzine in the U.K because it's a great resort and the transfer is short (about an 1hr), it takes a just 45 mins from Salzburg into Flachau and the drive couldn't be easier! 

Pistes & Parks

Situated in the heart of the Ski Amadé ski area, you get 860km of piste with just one pass! 

The Absolut Park is one of the better one's I've seen, though it's hard not to love it with some of the world's best boarders decedning there each year for Spring Battle.

Download the map!

Salzburg Sport World panorama

If you're looking for challenging & technical skiing at it's best, then Flachau won't scratch your itch in the same way as other resorts, if you're looking for state of the art lifts, well maintained pistes and unlimited adventure then you won't be dissapointed!


Perhaps partying with the world-class snowboarders (all on sponsorship drinks included!) skews one's perspective but you simply can't ignore the fun available in Flachau, for a good meal or a total rave you are spoiled for choice. We enjoyed eating in Flachauwinkl (the edge of Flachau a mile up the road, ski bus is free!) May I recommend Ema's Pub for the discerning party animal!


With a good blend of self catered appartments, hotels and some interesting takes on the catered chalet, you'll find something to suit you.
I stayed with Maria at the AlpinChalet  that experience was truly game-changing for me. 

Check out my report on the Accommodation Page

You only need to google the resort to find reviews, nearly all excellent from those who've sampled the full range of what's available to book there.
Personally I'm heading out in Summer back to the Alpin Chalet to enjoy the pool, the moutains & all the wacky things they do for fun there.
But that's another story

Pricing & Service

On or off the piste, prices are very reasonable & the service is excellent. The staff are nearly all locals often running family businesses, they really understand that service matters and make sure they show it. I challenge anyone to have their midday drink & snack, a few apres-beers and then a mad night in a bar with a taxi home for less than €50 in the likes of Chamonix! 

Wrap Up 

There's plenty of opinion in my report, but you can't get away from the facts. You'd be mad to get out to the mountains from the U.K without looking at Flachau.

Useful Links

To enquire at AlpinChalet 
The local tourist board
For the Park Maniac 



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