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Mayrhofen - Great for Skiing, Great for a Walk too!

An afternoon well spent in the company of a resort town that has it all.

A short story of a pleasant walk is all I can offer for Mayrhofen. I spent just a few hours walking a circular route around the town, taking in the sights hoping to get an idea of why it's one of the U.K's favourites. A sunny afternoon, I could tell multitudes were out on pistes, the town was peaceful, the restuarants were mostly full though.

The town is relatively compact but packed with plenty of attractive ways to spend some money, it sits under the imposing shoulders of the Ahorn & Pekken peaks 2 of 5 that host the 620km of vaired piste. The area includes access to the the Hinterlux glacier  making the area the only all year round resort in Austria.

There's plenty going on in the town including Snowbombing & Altitude Festival this spring alone, there's plenty of restaurants & bars, and the popular Vans Pekken Park bringing plenty of thirsty adrenaline junkies to drain them of their wares. The influence of U.K tourism is reflected in the extra nightlife culture found in Mayrhofen and a wider range of food options that some Austrian ski towns I've seen.

My first impression is a place of beauty and culture with plenty of nightlife, deservingly popular with the British for many years.

I headed a few hundred meters out of town up a steep hill to the hamslet of Gstan, finding Alpine peace a short walk from the town. I meet for a chat withan English lady called Kate who chose Mayrhofen over 20 years ago, nowing living overlooking the town.
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