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Saalfelden Leogang:Getting in to Gear

There’s tracks for everyone between the town of Saalfelden and the village of Leogang; easy, intermediate and difficult tours with white knuckle downhills and technically challenging single trails.

Saalfelden Leogang is the lesser-known spoke of the Ski Circus Region in Austria, interlinked with larger resorts Saalbach and Hinterglemm. Leogang is the Ski Circus‘ well-kept secret, mixing Stone Mountains and Green Valleys, rusticity and urbanity, tradition and innovation to make Leogang most diverse spot in the Alps.

For the Wheels 

Leogang Bike Park

One of the biggest, and best, bike parks in Europe. It is a favourite with downhillers, dirt jumpers and free riders alike, sharing its exceptional terrain between the dual stretch, four cross, dirtlines and northshore parks. Leogang Bike Park has been the venue for Austria’s mountain biking World Cup since 2010 and hosted the UCI Mountain Bike and Trail World Championships in 2012.

Leogang Bike Park, Mountain Biking Europe

Cross – Country Mountain Biking and Scenic Cycle Paths

Saalfelden Leogang has 720km of mountain biking routes and 480km of valley cycle paths. Bikers are free to explore the expansive tracks, spend a furious week lapping up every inch of downhill terrain or a chilled weekend, meandering around the beautiful valleys, with frequent stops to dip bare feet into clear, sparkling rivers. There are also many experienced bike guides – try Elements Outdoor Sports – who offer guided tours, from the Asitz strenuous to the relaxed Sculpture Cycle Route.

Cycling holidays in Leogang, Austria, Alps

E-Bikes – a Push-Start

You never forget how to ride a bike but you do run out of puff after a year or two of short lunch breaks and long days behind a desk. Leogang is part of the world’s largest E-Bike region, easing visitors back into the saddle with batteries that last for 70km and plenty of places to top up on juice along the way.

Bring the Kids

E-Bikes are great for the younger guests too, though they might prefer to head to the Mini-Kids-Bikepark, a six plus speciality, with three different routes, a conveyor and a summer tubing facility.

The Wonderful and the Weird

Fly Away on the Flying Fox

Leogang caters for grown-up kids as well, with the fastest and longest steel zip wire in the world. The Flying Fox is an unmatched adrenalin rush, one and a half breathtaking kilometres long, 143m high, reaching speeds of 140km/hour. Drop the youngest at the Kids Bikepark first – over tens only.

World's fastest, longest zipwire, Leogang, Austria


Each year in December, young men dress up as the Krampus and terrorise the streets of Austria (Leogang Krampus pictured below). The Krampus is the more radical version of santa leaving a lump of coal in your stocking favoured by the formidable Alpine countries. The Krampus is a beast who arrives in the Yuletide to punish children who have misbehaved during the year. The Krampus is the anti-Santa, with a sackful of kidnapped children instead of thoughtful gifts, perhaps the result of the many dangers in the high altitude, isolated Alpine villages, where the stakes are far higher when a child misbehaves. 

Krampus, Austrian holidays, Austrian festivals

Main Events and Camps in Leogang from May to September 2013:

18.05 – 20.05 Bike Park & Freeride Camp

30.05 – 02.06 Tri Motion Saalfelden

15.06 – 16.06 Single Trail Camp

20.06 - 23.06 Out of Bounds Festival

23.06 Scott Junior Trophy

21.07 – 25.07  Freeride Jugendcamp "ROOKIE"

07.09 – 08.09 Ladies Camp "GIRLS SHRED TOO"

14.09 – 15.09 4X Pro Tour Final

15.09 Asitz Mountain Run with 2. MTB Hillclimb

21.09 -22.09 UCI Mountain Bike Weltcup Final


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