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Summer Holidays in Schladming Dachstein

Paraglide and Kayak for free in Schladming Dachstein

Switzerland may seem like an expensive choice for a holiday, with a mass of irresistable activities all over the mountain sides which will have the whole family begging for a little extra spend for the experience of a lifetime. Paragliding, horse riding, canoeing, glacier hiking, fishing and golf are just a few of the unmissable activities, all of which would usually add up pretty quickly to double the cost of accomodation and flights.

Now, the Schladming Dachstein region offers a Sommercard, a pass to over 100 activities in the area completely free of charge - and the card itself is free if you pick the right place to stay.     

Free Activities with the Sommercard:

  • Kayaking on the Lake Aich
  • A range of different guided hikes, through glaciers, forests and alpine peaks
  • Kids Parcour adventure park
  • Laser Biathlon
  • Guided Night Hike - Owl Watching
  • Tour of a Marble Works - 380 million years of Earth History
  • Many other tours, including Bee Breeders and Distilleries
  • Indoor Climbing
  • Shiatsu Head Massage
  • Pony rides at the Huberhof
  • Wild Waters - walk over the Riesach Waterfall on a suspension bridge
  • Divining rod tours
  • Admission to the romantic and untamed Wörschach Gorge
  • Introduction to Paragliding
  • Access to several pools, including the Grobminger Panaroma Pool, surrounded by alpine scenery
  • Access to several lakes, including the Putterersee Aigen, which offers surfing and trampolining
  • Access to all of the museums in the area
  • Access to the cable cars and lifts - one free ride a day, taking you to the top of the world in Schladming Dachstein
  • Free rides on many buses and taxis, which will take you to the fantastic hiking spots all over the area 

Holidays in Schladming Dachstein

Discounted activities

  • Handgliding
  • Motor Cross
  • Guided mountain bike tours
  • Electric Bikes
  • Ski jumping school
  • Mammoth cave tour
  • Kayaking River rides
  • Chi Gong on Moutain tops
  • Rafting
  • Toboggan Run

For an exhaustive list of all the incredible activities the Sommercard gets you for free, check out their website

You can get hold of the spectacular Sommercard for FREE if you stay at the Chalet Pension Hoffelner. Once accomodation and flights are covered, the whole family has access to the many wonders that the Schladming-Dachstein has to offer. More details on this offer, and further discounts on the accomodation, can be found on this website

Don't Forget, Schladming Dachstein also has:

Mountain Biking

Tough, exhilarating tracks on beautiful mountain sides are two a penny in Schladming Dachstein. There is 930km of mapped out routes, a total of 25 000 vertical metres, and plenty more unchartered terrain to discover. One route takes you around the edges (and down the sides) of the Strub Gorge, another is an approx 250km trail which takes you up and down a gruelling, adrenalin-pumping 4 829m. Schladming Dachstein also has a downhill and dirt park, with a 1000 downhill track with banked curves, steep jumps and narrow passages.    


Schladming Dachstein also cater for laidback cyclists, who want to sit back, relax and soak in the stunning scenery. E-Bikes help you fly up the steep slopes, with an electric motor that kicks in as you pedal, reaching speeds of up to 25mph. With an E-Bike, you can zoom past the lycra crew to reach a peak in the mountain side whilst sipping a glass of wine.



Walks and Hikes.

There are walks and hikes to suit everyone in Schladming Dachstein. There are plenty of walks suitable for the whole family, alongside beautiful rivers, up gentle slopes to spectacular view points or through picturesque valleys. There is also a range of more challenging options, steep ascents, long, narrow ridge walks and plenty of mountains to conquer. 

Theme paths. Learn while you walk on a fantastic theme trail such as the Mushroom Path, the Moosmandi route or in the Miner's footsteps.


Schladming Dachstein has the largest climbing park in Austria- the Adventure park Gröbming. Waiting for you at the base of the Stoderzinken are 18 different courses with diverse levels of difficulty (including a Mini stage and Kids stage for 3 years + ).

The Schladming- Dachstein region is paradise for mountain climbers and alpinists. For beginners and climbing experts, the Dachstein and numerous surrounding mountains provide suitable climbing routes.    In addition to the wide range of tours for alpine and sport climbers you can also find diverse routes with fixed climbing ropes.




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