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Hot Thermal Springs near Bankso Ski Resort, Bulgaria

Bankso, Bulgaria is a ski resort and a Unesco world heritage site, rich in history and bubbling with naturally heated pools

Bansko is a Unesco world heritage site with much more to offer than just snow sports.  The town is literally older than Christ himself, with several archaeological sites dating back to 100 BC due to the natural thermal mineral springs which line the valley. Blinded by the snowy pistes, few international tourists know that these springs exist. 

Yet, these thermal mineral springs draw the Bulgarian tourists to the area throughout the year.  The nearby towns of Dobrinishte and Banya, both approx. 5km form Bansko, lie close to a fault line.  The hot water can be seen from the roadside and hot mist rises from small springs along the river.

Both of these towns offer access to the hot springs with either newly built Spas or old communist pools, a legacy of past times.  Open throughout the year, weary skiers-in-the-know soak their muscles in the hot pools after a long day on the slopes.

These Mineral Springs are known for their healing effects. In Dobrinishte there are 17 mineral springs along the rivers course ranging in temperatures from 30 to 43C.  The most famous of these springs is the Silver Spring, rich in silver ions. Even the Romans bathed in these fabulous, enriching waters and the foundations of the old Roman bathhouse remain to this day.

The Alpha Spa in Dobrinishte is a large outside pool fed by the thermal springs.  The swim-up bar, large grounds, hot tubs and restaurants look like they belong in the Caribbean rather than a traditional Bulgarian town.  It’s well worth a visit at only £2.70 per person per day


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