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My Way is the Highway

Combine a ski trip with a road trip and have a more adventurous journey from the UK to the Alps

Getting from your front door, across several countries and to an obscure mountain range with your ski equipment and entourage can be daunting. Even Easyjet charges £5 a kilo for ski equipment and that’s after you’ve hauled it to and through English airports and out of French ones.

You might almost be tempted to throw the whole shebang in the boot, stuff it either side of your kids or parents, put your music and drive there, if it wasn’t for extortionate petrol prices.

For a simpler, more relaxing start to the holiday, it might be worth double-checking that, once you’ve totted up taxis, extra charges and drinks on the plane, driving isn’t cheaper after all.

The Eurotunnel provides a fast and direct route for cars to Calais and the varied landscapes that lie beside the roads before you reach the Alps.  

The flexibility and freedom of holding the wheel and going at your own pace continue even after you’ve arrived at your destination. You can explore, visit local towns and attractions and sample the ski slopes of neighbouring resorts - perfect for ski hounds chasing the snow and looking for the next big adventure.

Many of the most popular ski resorts in France are less than ten hour’s drive from Calais, across the wide, expansive countryside. The graph below shows approximate driving times:

Hidden amongst the sprawling resorts are small patches of deserted slopes, off-piste runs and charming accommodation that you couldn’t visit without your car. Freed from public transport, you can easily explore several resorts and choose to stay in one of the quaint, stunning alpine villages such as La Tillette.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your car serviced, familiarise yourself with the Road Safety Laws in the country you’re visiting and make sure you top up the anti-freeze. Don’t forget the snow chains either, because the self drive ski holiday isn’t just an alternative way of ‘getting there’, it’s a bit of an adventure too.

Contributions from Lloyd Rogers

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