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Making the best out of the worst

After Mimi's tragic and premature death, her family and friends have set up an organisation to help other talented and creative youths

The Good Story Organisation was founding following Mimi's accident, two weeks in to her second season snowboarding in Chamonix on the 8th December 2012. Mimi was an enthusiastic snowboarder and designer with plans to set up an alternative snowboarding gear range for women. To honour Mimi's memory, Good Story aims to help similarly young, talented and creative people realise their business potential through advice, mentoring and funding.

After just a fortnight in Chamonix, Mimi had already found a flat, landed a job and made some great friends. The conditions were ideal on Grands Montets on the 8th, with thick snow and sunshine and Mimi had a great day snowboarding before her accident on the final run, Pierre à Ric.

It is thought that Mimi caught an edge at speed and fell head first into very soft, fluffy snow - trapped, she suffocated and was unconscious within a couple of minutes. Approximately five minutes later, a man spotted the tip of her board poking out and walked back up to investigate what he thought might be a bird trapped in the snow.

He discovered Mimi and called mountain rescue, who sadly arrived too late. Mimi's heart had stopped beating and though she was resuscitated after 45 minutes of CPR, she had suffered irreparable brain damage from oxygen starvation.

Mimi died doing what she loved with people she cared about and more than five hundred people came to honour her life at a memorial service in Suffolk. Her ashes were scattered at the summit of Grands Montets.

In the last few months of her life, Mimi was preparing to launch her own snowboarding label for women, 'Good Story Clothing'. Good Story Clothing would have offered women practical gear with edgy and artistic designs that reflected their tastes and individuality better than the outdated floral, pastel patterns.  

Mimi spotted a gap in the market and had the vision and the talent to produce incredible designs but found it difficult to turn these into a profitable venture. To help people in Mimi's position realise their potential before it is too late, her brothers, Rory and Nick, set up the Good Story.

Good Story seek out young people like Mimi, with great ideas and unique talents and break down the barriers which prevent them from realising their potential. They offer ad-hoc advice and one to one mentoring as well as providing funding, equipment and premises, to help other people's good stories become a reality. Good Story have a varied collection of mentors, including tattoo artists, actors, PR professionals and bankers, to suit the different interests of their hopeful applicants.  


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