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Alpine Fit Club!

Better than boot camps, alpine holidays in France that takes your fitness to new heights!

Boot Camps have become increasingly popular over the past few years and many people have been inspired to take a new type of holiday by the claims of celebrities and others who have lost 2 or 3 dress sizes in a week. However images of stocky ex-military bald men with prominent veins shouting at us for one last press up are usually conjured up when we think of boot camps, enough to put most people off! Not so at the Alpine Fit Club, a fitness holiday with a difference: luxury accommodation, transfers, food, breathtaking mountain views and not a bald man in sight. 

Based in a stunning location in the French Alps, the Alpine Fit Club aim to inspire their guests to embrace an outdoor lifestyle and help you to shift any winter warmth you've gained. With an ethos that the Alpine Fit Club is not just a boot camp, the Alpine Fit Club is for life, their goal is to;

Provide a fun-filled, fitness holiday; a boot camp with a difference.

Create an environment which induces peace, tranquility and relaxation.

Help guests to achieve fitness and weight loss goals (record set at 1.5 stone loss).

Promote positive attitudes towards personal health and fitness.

Demonstrate the huge impact that good nutrition and fitness can have.

Enable guests to continue their training routine and healthty eating regime at home.

The Alpine Fit Club is not your average boot camp, designed to fill you with a sense of inadequacy, guilt and dependence upon shouting madmen. With a program of varied and exciting exercise created and implemented by a qualified Personal Trainer and a menu created using scientific and nutritional theory, after a week at the Alpine Fit Club you will leave them refreshed and energised, with a sense of well being you may not have felt for a long time. The Alpine Fit Club give you the means to pursue your goals long after you leave, teaching you to enjoy simple and effective forms of exercise that are easily incorporated into your daily routine. Whether you aim to increase your fitness, fine tune your current fitness regime or maximise your weight loss, the Alpine Fit Club will help you achieve your goal.



Beautiful surroundings, a personal trainer to guide you, varied, fun exercise, nutritious and delicious food, luxury chalet accommodation, shouldn’t all holidays be like the Alpine Fit Club?

For more information, visit their site:

Check out the accommodation here.



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