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Explore Portes du Soleil from 1 euro with the Multi Pass

Whether you are mountain biking, cycling, climbing or hiking in the Portes du Soleil this summer, the multi-pass keeps you connected

Portes du Soleil is known as one of the biggest ski areas in Europe, an interconnected web of world - class resorts. Each resort can, and does, attract international attention by itself; giants of the industry such as Morzine and Avoiraz are in Portes du Soleil. Together, they are irresistable. United by an expansive infrastructure, with open borders allowing free passage between resorts, the Portes du Soleil is favoured by snowsports enthusiasts across the globe.

The mountains, infrastructure and liberal ethos don't fade in the summer months. Portes du Soleil, literally 'doors to the sun', never fails to be bright. Staying anywhere in the region gives you easy access to almost anywhere else, even the distant peaks of alpine mountains. The twenty-four lifts that run throughout the summer open up 380km of hiking routes and 650km of mountain biking trails in the French and Swiss Alps. These lifts provide both the climber's adrenalin and the sight-seer's ease. They are also startling cheap. 

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All of the lifts throughout the Portes du Soleil are free with the Multi-Pass, along with shuttle buses and over fifty activities. The Multi-Pass can cost as little as 1 euro a day, allowing the owner to travel from a chalet in Morzine to the top of a mountain in Avoiraz for less than the price of a can of Orangina. The Multi-Pass puts the incredible range of activities available in Portes du Soleil within easy reach.

Mountain Biking in Portes du Soleil is second to none. Each year in June, there is a mountain biking festival in Portes du Soleil, giving thousands of bikers a chance to share the wicked trails, that give constant opportunities to show off their fearlessness, endurance and skill. The area has 650km of signposted tracks and plenty more for explorers to find off the beaten paths. You can get a map of the area free of charge or a guide for a little more. Some guiding companies may offer discounts to Multi-Pass holders and you can ride on the lifts dirt cheap and hit the downhill from the start. 

Hiking in Portes du Soleil is equally abundant, with beautiful walks starting just outside your door or a short ride away on a lift or a bus. Many routes can be downloaded free here or you can choose one of the many friendly guides in the area. There is also plenty of cycling in Portes du Soleil, countless incredible routes up and down hills, with lakes and rivers close by to cool down in during the midday sun. 

Climbing in French Alps

Some of the most popular climbing spots in Europe are in Portes du Soleil, including the cliffs of Le Biot, Foron Biot, Foron (La Côte d'Arbroz) and le Bas-Thex (Saint Jean d'Aulps). Rock-climbers cannot resist the quality and beauty of the routes here, and climbers of all levels are well-catered for. Via Ferretas or 'iron roads' are common in the area, cliffs with rungs and cables attached to give novices the security to get a taste of alpine climbing.  

There is also caving in Portes du Soleil, known as Speleology. Caving takes you into the unknown, deep into a mysterious underground world. Whilst caving, you walk, crawl, swim and rappel, learn about rock formations and observe underground fauna. You can give caving a go in a day trip or take a longer course and really get to the bottom of it.  

caving in Portes de Soleil, canyoning in Portes du Soleil

There is something for everyone at the 'doors to the sun'; you can try paragliding in Portes du Soleil while your partner takes advantage of the huge range of fishing available, fly-fishing, casting or line-fishing in lakes or fast-flowing rivers. Your kids can take a donkey ride, (maybe on the slightly grumpy FanFan or one of her kids if they're lucky) or a pony trek around the fairytale lake in Montriond, whilst adults bathe in the clear waters.

You can monkey around with a bird's eye view at Indiana'Ventures in Morzine, the all-natural adventure park with tree-top rope bridges and monkey ladders. The Espace Aquatique (Aquatic centre) is also in Morzine, with three indoor and three outdoor pools, a hammam and a hot tub. The Aquatic centre is so popular that it alone constitutes the Multi Pass Premium, slightly more expensive than the Multi Pass that gets unlimited free access to the Aquatic Centre in Morzine.   

The Multi Pass gives you free, unlimited access to many swimming pools in Portes du Soleil as well as to mini-golf parks and ice rinks. Along with the functional transportation over mountains and valleys, rides on touristic trains are also free. Cultural activities, such as museums and historic houses and sporting activities including tennis and golf are also free with the Multi Pass. 

There are three types, and two grades, of Multi Pass:

If you stay at a participating chalet or hotel for at least 2 days, a Multi Pass is 1 euro, 2 euros for premium. 

If you are not staying at a participating chalet, a Multi Pass is 6 euro, 9 euros for premium. 

You can get a Multi Pass for the whole season, from 8th June till 8th September for 55 euros, 108 for premium. 

Stay in a comfortable and attractive chalet in Morzine, Portes du Soleil, close to climbng area in Le Biot 

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