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The traditional Chatel

Dont look past Chatel

When you first visit Chatel you’re faced with a sublime backdrop with picturesque views and can easily be consumed with its decorative tree lines and soft powdery snow. This traditional town boasts true charm with its setting and atmosphere and can be seen as a winter wonderland. Once you are settled and you get out and about on your skis you will find traditional buildings that have personality and a great abundance of snow that will surpass your expectations.

Chatel is a mountain village has been developed to keep its soul and charm along with the quality of the skiing. The skiing varies between two mountain ranges which are: Super-Chatel / Barbossine and Linga / Pre La Joux, the quality of skiing in Chatel is exceptional, we only have to look back on a previous article we wrote on Chatel to see how good the skiing really is, "The snow fall in Chatel". Chatel is nestled in the Port Du Soleil area, which is made up of around 12 French and Swiss resorts. The area hosts a large skiing area that comprising of 650 KM of ski runs with all different levels form beginning to pro, don't worry there are around 200 ski lifts to help your get around to. Chatel hosts a great place for the family to go, it has activities during the days for the kids and copious amounts of ski runs for the adults. Shareen at Mountain Addiction said "Its location within the area, the skiing around the resort and the Traditional village charm not to mention the outrageous amounts of snow chatel receives every year, without doubt made it the ideal choice for us, and we knew our guest would feel the same way"

Chatel comes from a small farming community, which is set in beautiful surroundings of Port Du Soleil. When skiers first came to chatel they had to contend with the ski slopes on foot, this was until 1947 when the Vonnes drag lift was constructed. By having this drag lift in place transformed Chatel into a popular winter skiing destination. In the winter of 1948 a gentleman called Roland Machhi arrived at Chatel and set up the first ski school in the village. Roland ran this ski school for ten years and this cemented Chatel on the ski map. After the addition of the ski draglift, a number of chalets in the area and the construction of the Morcian ski run started to interest people from France to Switzerland to Chatel. After the region was established the concept of Port Du Soleil was born. Shareen at Mountain Addication says; “Having spent some time in the area, and skiing the PDS circuit a few times, we decided that Chatel was the perfect location to run our catered chalet. Its location within the area, the skiing around the resort and the Traditional village charm not to mention the outrageous amounts of snow chatel receives every year without doubt made it the ideal choice for us

(Picture above is of Val D'Isere)

If you were to compare Chatel with a ski resort like Val Thorens the similarities vary a lot. The peaceful and charming Chatel has been built with relaxation in mind where Val Thorens has been mass produce to be a skiing Machine and this shows. Val Thorens is at an altitude of 2300m and is classed as a good high altitude ski resort but the snow fall is on par with that of Chatel, which is sitting at a altitude of 1200m.  Val Thorens accessibility to the slopes is easy and boasts as being a good all round ski resort in Europe but on comparison Chatel that can offer you exactly the same to regards to pistes and snow conditions. Because of the location of Chatel the snowfall is incredible and would surprise the most experience skier. Furthermore the comparisons continue with the style of both ski locations, Chatel offers you charming traditional buildings in comparison to the prefabricated concrete apartments that lie in Val Thorens. If you’re looking for the mass ski resort where you can easily access the slopes then I would recommend Val Thorens but if your looking for a good all rounded ski location with fantastic pistes that are on par to Val Thorens then Chatel is the place to visit.

The future for Chatel looks to be on the increase, Mountain Addiction says; “The future for Chatel is looking more and more attractive, and although more people are discovering Chatel and the fantastic skiing it has to offer we want to spread the word”. In short if you are look for a great ski location where the snow is great and the views are spectacular; don’t just look into the mass ski resorts, why not try a different location like Chatel, you may be very happily surprised at what you uncover. 

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I would like to thank Shareen from Mountain Addiction for her input on this article, its great that we can get the views of chalet owners and get it out to the masses. Click here to find Mountain Addiction owners page.


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