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Solar sun cannons brighten our pistes

Experiment in Val d'Isere offers to maximise our skiing day

For consistent skiing holidaymakers, the winter is nigh, and the time to start thinking about potential destinations for your snow swept getaway is getting closer and closer. For some, price, altitude, nightlife, hotel comfort and amenities are all essential and can change their decision making process within seconds. The big news coming from the mountains this year is that skiing holidaymakers will have one more determinant to think about. With the success of artificial snow, improving skiing in Val d'Isere, providing better skiing conditions when snow is a bit scarce - the resort of Val d'Isere are testing solar canons to improve skiing conditions when sunlight is bit scarce, effectively eliminating flat light.

These cannons are not intended to mimic the sun but simply maximise light conditions.

 Avid skiing fans can rest easy knowing that one of the most annoying skiing conditions can soon be eliminated, increasing productive skiing time during the day, thus augmenting the value for money you’ve just spent on your holiday. Although these cannons will only be sparsely used round the busiest part of the resort, if successful, hopefully we will be seeing them being implanted into all ski resorts round the world.

 To those who wake up every morning hoping to take the step closer to the mountain slopes, this will be a fantastic announcement, and one that will no doubt please all snow sport fans. The vast amounts of money spent on holidays and seasons will finally be justified by the cannons allowing a greater length of skiing time, thus hopefully making the sport even more popular. To those who are yet to jump on the bandwagon, there has never been a better time. The snow is great, the company is even better, with the quality of skiing grower year after year, and long may it last!

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