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Courchevel opens Early!

Excellent snow forecast leads to good news for eager beavers!

We've often lamented the months of excellent snow in which for scheduling reasons, the resort is closed. We've noticed that the larger resorts find it harder to run on a flexible season according to snowfall but we've always felt that this will change. 

With solid snow predicted from today, right through till Saturday in the Three Valleys, some of the Courchevel lifts will open early! There are few resorts that can claim to be more "major" than Courchevel; its early opening may be a sign of increased flexibility in opening times for resorts allowing for a more optimised ski season. Good news for us all!

Only some of the lifts will open from Dec 7th through until 20th when the whole system goes on. Lift passes are available at a reduced price of €175.50 saving €58.50 from a normal 6 day pass price.

For those seeking a last minute short ski break, this may be a perfect opportuntity to beat the crowds & get a great price on both lift pass & accommodation. To find a wide range of ski chalets in Courchevel, ChaletFinder advertise excellent options in all of the Courchevel villages.

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