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Rowan Coultas - If you're a rising star, why not do a 1080 on the way up?

Competing alongside Seppe Smits & co at 15 years old, Rowan Coultas is the star boarder from Bedford

So, I'm at the Quiksilver Spring Battle amongst the battled-hardened guys from Norway, Sweden, USA, Austria, Finland, Belgium. They're all tough looking nutters with plenty of wear and tear.

The MC announces the next rider hails from the U.K, I pay attention. When I see a young slender... boy coming down the hill, I'm frankly scared for his safety. Then he hits the kicker and absolutely smashes it, he was about 5th down in the first round of quals and the first to land his epic trick cleanly. 

I turned around in amazement and ask anyone who'll listen "who is this guy?". The fella who starts to fill me in turns out to be his Dad there to watch!

Watching from the piste alongside his proud, uber-supportive if a little nervous dad, Nik, I watched Rowan's thrilling moves whilst chatting about what it took to get him there. Nik is clearly an action-Dad with a healthy respect for the benefits of extreme sports, explaining that as "he wasn't going to make it to the top of boarding in Bedford" he moved the whole family to Zillertal, Switerland. 

Being near the snow was all it took to catapult a talented young boarder into near-stardom. 

What does it take to be competing with the likes of Seppe Smits & co at 15 years old? 

A crazy love for the board, a fearless mentality & some first rate Dadsmanship.

Quick Profile

I am Rowan Coultas and I am 15 years old. 

I have been snowboarding for four years and never looked back.
I started competing at local comps in the UK after a year of riding and did quite well.
I am now competing in mostly european comps.
Some of my best results are, 1st Ride East Rookie Fest grom category, 1st Austrian Shred Down Masters Slopestyle under 18 category, 5th Livingo World Rookie Fest grom category and 9th overall Burton European Open grom category.

Here's a video of him I caught on my iPhone, that's right, he's 15! 

Some videos of the company he keeps! 

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