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Ski Industry Gets a Little Lift!

Rejoice and ululate: ski market rises for the first time in four years!

The 2012 -13 season saw the first rise in the ski market in 4 years - a slight 1% boost, significant enough to spark a sigh of relief across the ski industry. Leading ski tour operator, Crystal Ski, published a comprehensive report showing that 5 000 more people went skiing this year, the first increase since the market peaked in 2007/8.     

Ski market rise in 2013

What made the difference?

A few of the reasons are out of humans hands. Acts of God that made the 2012-13 season busy: 

  • SNOW 

Snow levels in the 12/13 seasons were record-breaking, with many resorts receiving double their annual average. The conditions were just too good to stay home, tempting many skiers out of austerity and onto the slopes.   

  • Easter came early this year

Easter fell in March in 2013, when the majority of ski resorts are still open and skiing is still on the mind. Late closing resorts need to get the word out to take advantage of late Easter holidays (Easter Sunday is on the 20th April in 2014).  

Others are under our control. In 2012/13 the ski industry offered: 

  • More ski for your euro

An increasing number of skiers are demanding value for money. Fortunately, an increasing number of resorts, chalet owners and ski equipment hire companies are offering it. Don't be fooled by all-inclusive ski packages - some are good value but others merely take advantage of other companies' low prices and add their own cut on top. Good deals are popping up everywhere and the savvy traveller will be well-rewarded for a few hours spent researching the offers.   

  • Easier travel options 

The independent travel sector saw a 1% rise in market share. Crystal ski attributes this to a corresponding rise in the number of flights to the Alps, both into Geneva and into Grenoble. As ever, where there's a will, there's a way and where there's a way, people will go skiing.    


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