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Part-time work for seasonaires?

Can I get a part-time job on my course to keep me afloat for the season?

Instructor courses come in all different shapes and sizes, but one worry remains at the end of it all, ‘how do I fund myself whilst I’m out in the mountains’. With a plethora of mountain jobs to choose from, where do you find the right amount of time to work for the small amount of capital needed to keep you afloat? With a host of jobs taking up a full time schedule, such as Chalet hosting, company repping and bar work, what other jobs are there to choose from.

Some companies will put you in touch with management who would more than likely send you back to London for an interview, whereas others would ask for your CV on the spot with results coming within a couple of days. Your wide search for a small job can be infuriating and more times than not, unsuccessful. So, where do you go from there?

For people who embark on an instructor’s course, their day can consist of revision and hard graft on the mountain, practicing and tweaking their technique to give them the best chance of passing their ski/snowboard qualification. Finding spare hours for work are hard to come by, but Basecamp Ski and Snowboard have found a way of incorporating part-time work into their course for people who wish to earn that extra bit of money to keep them in the black. In an agreement with a chalet company, Basecamp students have the option to spend their Saturday mornings helping to clean chalets, which consist of changing sheets, cleaning rooms and bathrooms as well as cleaning the dishes, all of which should only take a morning to complete. It’s only optional of course, but this extra bit of money aids the students enjoy their season without dipping into their savings back home.

seasonaire bar job val d'isere

Chalet cleaning is not the only job available for part-time job seekers in the mountain. With an array of nightclubs and bars positioned all over most resorts, promoting has become a key asset to the mountain communities, with seasonaires vying for a spot on promotion teams to make that extra bit of money. Promotion jobs are very much ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’ jobs, which appeals to many a person trying to get as much money possible to fund their social life, along with any additional purchases such as ski equipment.  Lets not forget that clubs will also employ part-time glass collectors, people taking the money on the door, and someone to collect coats for a few days a week in the cloakroom. For example, Dicks Tea bar in Val d'Isere  is recruiting right now! All this amounts to great opportunity if you are proactive in your search. Don’t be shy to ask, because, as the saying goes, ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’.

No matter what resort you may have chosen, there will always be opportunities available for people seeking part-time work. Instructor companies such as Basecamp Ski and Snowboard have Resort Managers on site to help their students find employment, creating a more diverse experience for the students, whilst helping them gain funds.

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