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The longest cross-country run in the world

If a long day skiing downhill leaves you feeling exhausted, you’ll shudder to imagine the aftermath of the longest cross-country ski marathon in the World. 

This annual Canadian ski marathon takes place in Quebec's Western Laurentian Mountains.  It began in 1967 and now has over 2,500 participants who make the 100 mile trek each year carrying a 10 pound backpack- and that's just the bronze medallists. Silver medallists carry an 11 pound pack and the strapping gold medallists take 30. Add to that an overnight camp in temperatures below zero and you have yourself quite a challenge 

Medallists are dubbed the ‘Coureur de Bois’ or ‘Runners of the Woods’, after the woodsmen who used skis to travel the remote paths they laid beside streams and forests.

‘Runners of the Woods’ earn a permanent bib by winning five gold medals, worn proudly now by 269 gold medallists. Sharon Crawford wears one of the 12 bibs worn by women, her medals totalling 23 golds in the past two decades.

If you’re a UK resident looking for a ski marathon a little close to home, join the 2,500 skiers heading to the Dolomites in Austria this January. From the 18th to 20th January, cross-country skiers will try out the new 42km route, which offers greater comfort, variety and beautiful scenery.   

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