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Four reasons why our boards are Arbor

It's not just us at Chaletfinder - the Red Hot Chilli Peppers are the most recent famous names to order Arbor boards. Don't take our word for it - read on to find out why:

One - Rocker snowboards

Rocker snowboards reverse the traditional upwards arc of a camber to a downwards dip, more like the curves of a surfboard. This u-turn in snowboard design produced boards with far smoother performance, improving turn intuition and yielding more fluid slides, butters, spins and presses.

Two - With a difference

Most rocker snowboards lack edge hold so they tend to wipe out at high velocity, on steep slopes and those trickier landings. Arbor have perfected the 'hybrids', which balance a rocker design with a camber arc on the tips. Arbor's 'Parabolic Rocker' gradually shifts from rocker to camber, giving maximum edge control when it is needed without sacrificing the benefits of a rocker body.

Three - Friendly with Eco

Arbor have their finger on the pulse of environmentally friendly, high performance materials. Bob Carlson co-founded Arbor in 1995 after a particurlaly beautiful day on the peaks and realising that those who enjoy natural playgrounds have a responsibility to protect them. The high quality wood in Arbor snowboards is always responsibly sourced - they have been known to use mahogany wood reclaimed from road signs. They also use Bamboo, the number one sustainable raw material, to create Nano Bamboo. Clothing infused with Nano Bamboo is quick drying and naturally mold resistant, protecting you from the environment whilst protecting the environment from you. 

Four - Team of Artists

Riding an Arbor board is like riding a work of art. Check out the designs of Arbor's artists, such as Dave Kinsey, Tadashi Ura, Stafan Eck and Randy Nobrowitz on the arborcollective website and the boards below:











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