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Like sliced-bread before them, these gloves are a VERY good idea!

Like all good inventions, they seem so obvious now they're here!

Convenience, quality, warmth and you won't lose them! C-ZIP Gloves

A concept I've seen only applied to wooly fashion mittons in Shoreditch finds it's practical niche in the ski market. An invention born of an all
too common tradgedy, they were a response to gloves slipping from grasp and being lost on ski-lifts. 

In a day on the piste, we want and need to use our un-gloved hands. From taking pictures to meddling with our gear we're forever taking gloves off, akwardly tucking them somewhere whilst we get on with our business. Popping your hands out of gauntlet style gloves can be awkward & tricky, they're easily lost to the ski lift & once off are always in the way.

The C-ZIP glove provides you with a high-quality all-weather zip just behind the knuckles, you simply zip it back and pop your hands out. The glove stays on your arms and yet your hands are free to complete the task and be quickly popped back in and zipped up.

ChaletFinder are promoting these fantastic gloves alongside our friends at SnowVole, you can get 10% off your gloves by pre-ordering them with our form.

Check out the Video

10 Peaks - C ZIP Gloves from LIFE Cinematic on Vimeo.

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