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A simple low tech ski innovation for Paradiski piste maps

We all need a piste map & we need to wipe our goggles too!

In the world of technology & globalisation winter sports innovations are coming thick & fast, with new apps, cameras, GPS & off-piste technology keeping us safer, better informed & more connected at all times. These innovations all involve shelling out for an expensive piece of kit to add to your already pricey winter sports collection, luckily there are some great but simple ideas left out there!

A lenscloth manufacturer Wipeout are now producing high quality lens wipes for your glasses or goggles with a detailed piste map printed on the back! The whole thing packs away small but measures 30x40cm allowing plenty of piste map detail & cloth with which to clean & wrap up your googles for your pocket. 

Aside from being highly convenient the product has an eco aspect in that they're not becoming soggy and useless in days as per a normal paper piste map. Duncan Salmon, Alpine365 owner, comments, “Paper maps always get torn and wet, and thrown away at the end of the week. These lens cloths are clever, really useful and better still, environmentally friendly. What’s more, we are the first company in the Paradiski to offer them, so we think our guests are going to love this exclusive gift.”

Alpine 365 are a Paradiski based independent ski company & are one of the first to see the value in these excellent maps. They offer a free map for every guest (worth €9.99) to use on their trip & then take home to use again when they return!

You can win one of 25 Paradiski cloths with the Alpine365 FREE LENSCLOTH COMPETITION! 

To take a look at the great ski holiday options in La Plagne offered by Alpine 365, you can find their ski chalet adverts on Chalet Finder, or visit their website directly.

For cloth piste maps of other resorts, you can buy them direct from Wipeout

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