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Les Masses - Affordable accommodation in Verbier

Skiing in Verbier next winter? For the fastest access to the heart of the resort and affordable accommodation, stay in Les Masses.

Les Masses is located at an altitude of 1550m, just below Les Collons in Verbier ski resort. A great area to invest in, Les Masses now has a new, high speed, four person chair lift, providing the fastest access to the heart of Verbier.

Mountain Biking in Verbier: Summer Holidays 

The Tour de Mont Fort is a mountain bike trail that takes you up, over, round and down the thrilling mountainsides of the Four Valley ski areas. Just like the snowy pistes, the trails come in different colours, moderate or advanced. 

Mountain Biking in Switzerland, Mountain Biking in Verbier

The moderate trail or the 'Easy Rider' suits those who have dabbled in mountain biking before, or sporty families with enthusiastic kids over 12. Wherever necessary, and possible, lifts are used to ascend the mountains, saving energy for the downhill runs. An ideal way to enjoy the thrills of mountain biking without the 'down' side of arduous up-hill climbs, you'll only pedal for two-thirds of the tour. As minimal technical skill is required to tackle the downhill, the Easy Rider lives up to its name.

Mountain Biking in Switzerland, Mountain Biking in Verbier

The advanced trail, or the 'Pro Rider' is for those who, yawning during the previous paragraph, started looking for alternatives. This trail is designed for those who go mountain biking to find and exceed the limits of their body, who can't even feel the downhill thrills unless their sweat is pouring from the journey up.    

The ups and downs of the Pro Rider:

La Tzoumaz


Unlike the Easy Rider, on the Pro Rider, you'll only take a lift when you have to; the gondola of Col des Gentianes is the only way to return to Tortin. The descent distance of both tours is identical, as are the highlights, the Tracouet lake, Tortin Glacier, descending the Col des Gentianes and the summit of the Croix de Coeur.

Tortin Glacier, Mountain Biking in Verbier, Mountain Biking in Switzerland

Stay in the tranquil, beautiful and affordable Les Masses while you take the Tour de Mont Forte, at the Chalet les Pyramides  – booking available here

Skiing in Verbier: Winter Holidays 

The Four Valleys (4 Vallées) of Verbier boast 400km of piste divided between a whopping 151 trails. The resort is suitable for skiers and boarders of all levels, with 28% of pistes rated as beginner, 48% intermediate and 7% advanced. Verbier has a total vertical elevation of around 2 500 metres.

Besides the mass of challenging and exciting trails on offer in Verbier, in the Four Valleys of Verbier in Switzerland there are three world-class snowparks:

The Central Park of Thyon is ideal for freestylers of all levels, with novice, medium and pro lines. Try out tricks at your own pace or keep the beat, boarding to the rhythms that flood the park from industrial speakers. 

The Woodpark of Nendaz is a life-sized snowpark, with modules carved out of tree trunks and branches. Built in 2010, they continually add new wooden modules, congruous with their James Brown inspired motto, ‘I feel wood’.  

The Snowpark of Verbier defies the laws of gravity, encouraging insane air in complete safety. The innovative use of a giant air bag lets boarders taste heights they couldn’t risk without being sure of a soft landing. The park has kickers, rails and boxes, to name a few, all maintained everyday to ensure maximum safety.

Verbier made a name for itself as a hedonistic retreat for millionaires, attracted by the efficient and gigantic interlinked lift system and well-groomed pistes. The big spenders are also drawn by the unmatched off-piste potential in the area. Verbier hosts ‘the most prestigious freeride contest in the world’ on the north face of the Bec des Rosses. The Bec des Rosses serves no pistes, just a stack of irresistible off-piste runs and couloirs. Avalanches are common so check the local conditions and take a spade before you try anything. If you can afford it, hire a guide or a heli to keep you safe. Bear in mind that these pricy perks are as steep as the Bec in Verbier, Richard Branston’s playground. 

Luxury accommodation in Les Masses, Verbier, Switzerland

The new high-speed lift in Les Masses provides an affordable way for you to lay the first tracks on Verbier’s fresh, prolific powder. You can reach the buzzing, exceptional resort quickly and easily, staying a safe distance from the extortionate prices of the central resorts. From its slightly lower vantage point, Les Masses has stunning views of the mountain above and lots of sunshine. The village has kept its traditional feel, less affected by the commercialization of the larger towns closer to the slopes. That said, plans to build a thermal spa show the willingness of the village to provide the creature comforts that attract skiers and snowboarders to an area.

Stay in the tranquil, beautiful and affordable Les Masses at the Chalet les Pyramides            Luxury chalets in Verbier, Switzerland

Book this stunning chalet (pictured right) here for winter or summer holidays in Verbier

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