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Fugitive on the loose doesn't stop shredders skiing on Big Bear Mountain

Big Bear 'shredders' ignore warnings about dangerous fugitive to ski on in thick powder

A mid-February blizzard brought thick snow to the slopes of  Bear Mountain, which tempted skiiers and snowboarders despite the escaped murder suspect thought to be lurking in the surrounding woods.  

When the hunt for deadly fugitive and former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner moved from Irivine to the LA mountain town of Big Bear, schools closed, local shops were boarded up but ski resorts stayed defiantly open. 

Even though Dorner was thought to be hiding in a cabin in the nearby woods, Bear Mountain only shut down for one session and Snow Summit, a thousand feet down, didn't close at all. The chance to take advantage of the blizzard, which brought 24 inches of fresh powder, the highest single snowfall of the season, distracted shredders from the possibilty of bumping into Dorner.

Police suspect that Dorner went on a killing spree on the 3rd of Feburary in Irvine. They found his fire-gutted truck next to Big Bear Lake four days later, and the manhunt began. Dorner was found on Feburary 12th, barricaded in a mountain cabin. When authorities tried to smoke him out with pyrotechnics, the cabin caught fire and it took several days to identify Dorner's body among the ashes.

Throughout this time, on the other side of the mountain, Bear Mountain were keeping up a stream of updates on the resort's perfect conditions, whilst the media issued frantic warnings about the mountain lockdown and the search for Dorner. Bear Mountain kept all runs open, including their legendary fully loaded park. Among the treats for expert riders that Red Bull Plaza offers are a set of 32 foot stairs, k-rails, a marble ledge and a billboard wall ride. 

The nonchalant shredders doing their thing whilst the nation looked on anxiously fits the devil may care attitude that unites skiiers and boarders. In Southern California, even high up in the mountains, you can't afford to miss a single snow day. After all, who knows? A crazed gunman might shoot you down at any moment.


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