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Why not try Snow Skating

Ideal for the UK

For my normal daily routine I trudge around the internet looking for interesting and cool things to post on our SummitNews site, last week I think I hit a gold mine when I came across SnowSkate.

SnowSkating has been around since circa 1964, originally called "Snurfer" and was considered the first snowboard to ever hit the main stream market, arguably the first SnowSkate. At this present time there is four different varieties of SnowSkates, you have the single deck; the bideck, the 4 x 4 deck and the powderskate deck. They all have a waterproof coating on the top alone with your grips, underneath they have a specilised groved mold. 

I think SnowSkateing could really propel itself to being a really big sport within the UK, it makes it an ideal sport to take up for the amount of snow that the UK recieves. I will be posting more videos and information regarding SnowSkating so watch this space.


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